Urangara Merino Stud

Merino and Poll Merino Stud

Merino Sires

Winyar "Smokie" 248

Smokie was purchased at Hamilton Sheepvention in 2010
He was selected for his tremendous length of body and deeply crimped wool.
He has made a big influence on the direction of the stud, breeding many good replacement ewes and also sale rams.
He has also produced several outstanding sons that are still being used with good results.

Poll Merino Sires

Glenlea Park 15.844

Son of $53,000 Moorundie Park 306

844 was the equal second highest priced ram purchased at the Glenlea Park On-property sale in August 2016 by Urangara for $7,200.
He is a tall standing, long bodied ram. He also has a deep body with great spring of rib.

This ram cut 9.7 kgs of wool, 90 mm in length, from just 7 months growth.
+23.9% YCFW, (rating in top 10% in Aust) +6.0 YWT

He is an exciting Poll Sire for the future.

Winyar "Ideal" 107

Son of the famous Wallaloo Park "Real Deal" sire

Ideal was purchased in 2014 at the Winyar on-property sale for $4600.
His progeny are tall, long bodied, and early maturing with stylish wool.

Glenlea Park 170254 (Sired by GP 881)

254 was purchased from Glenlea Park in 2018.
He has great wool with lustre and weight.
His skin is loose and very soft.
Another feature of this ram is his long head and soft pure muzzle.
He has deep crimping 18.1 micron wool.
Wool cut - 7.2 kgs of 80 mm staple length from just 5.5 months growth.
+21.8 YCFW +4.4 YBWT